Where to see Puffins in Iceland?

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The Atlantic Puffins land on sea coasts and islands all over the North Atlantic. But when 60% of the entire population choose to nest in Iceland, we think they clearly have a favorite spot. An astounding population of 8 to 10 million Atlantic Puffins have made Iceland their home. The puffins, or “lundi” as Icelanders [...]

Icelandic musicians you need to know about

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Despite population of only 340 thousand, Iceland has produced so many great musicians in past decades, and nowadays it seems that the world can’t get enough of talented Icelanders, making it to the top of the billboards. Now that many Icelandic musicians have made themselves known on the global stage, the newcomers in the industry have [...]

Swimming Pools in Iceland

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While on holiday, going swimming is both refreshing and relaxing, and if you want to get to know the locals, there is no better way than to visit a local swimming pool and soak in the hot tub, while listening to local Icelanders, debating about politics and other talkative issues. No matter where you‘re heading, there [...]

What to see in Kirkjubaejarklaustur

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The town Kirkjubaejarklaustur sits as a starting point for the south-east region, relatively close by to Vatnajokull glacier, Skaftafell and Jokulsarlon. The town itself isn’t a must-see sort of destination, but it has a very agreeable setting and several interesting sights, and definitely worth spending a day there on your journey to the eastern parts of [...]

The Viking Heritage of Iceland

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Fifteen million years ago, a volcanic plume unleashed itself through a crack in the ocean floor and boiled its way upward to become a landmass above water. For the next twelve million years—and even today—seismic activity shaped and reshaped the small island country near the topmost arc of the Earth. One thousand one hundred forty-one years [...]

Elves in Iceland and elf belief

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There have been numerous articles and blog posts published over the internet about elf belief in Iceland. It often seems that elves and Icelanders have a secret bond, going way back through the ages. Many Icelanders consider elf belief to be a rich part of the Icelandic heritage, built upon the many stories told of elves [...]