Hvalfjordur fjord, west Iceland

GPS POINTS N64° 20′ 29.406″ W21° 45′ 55.090″

Hvalfjordur fjord, west Iceland

Location: West Iceland
Directions from Reykjavík to Hvalfjordur on Google maps.
Duration: Cirka 30 minutes drive from Reykjavík to Hvalfjordur fjord.

If you’re looking for an amazing place to visit in Iceland, look no further than Hvalfjordur. This beautiful fjord is located in the Western Region of the country, and it’s a great spot for fishing, hiking, and sightseeing.

Hvalfjordur is located in the Western Region of Iceland, about a thirty minutes drive from Reykjavik. The fjord is approximately 60 kilometers long, and it’s a popular spot for fishing, hiking, and sightseeing. There are many attractions in the area, including the Hvalfjordur Nature Reserve, which is a great spot for birdwatching. There are also several historic sites in the area. During World War two, the Fjord was the site of much British and US military activity and was of significant importance. Some of the ruins from this period are still visible in the Hvalfjordur.

Glymur waterfall is Iceland’s tallest waterfall and is located in Hvalfjordur. The hike to Glymur is a memorable one, and it’s not for the faint of heart! The trail leading up to the falls is very steep and can be quite dangerous in some areas. But if you’re adventurous and looking for an unforgettable experience, then Glymur is definitely worth checking out!

Just be sure to bring plenty of water and snacks, as the hike can take up to four hours round trip. And don’t forget your camera – Glymur is one of Iceland’s most photogenic waterfalls!

Driving from Reykjavik to Hvalfjordur is simply. Just follow route one from Reykjavik to Borgarnes. Before arriving at the Hvalfjordur tunnel,  make a right turn to Hvalfjordur.