We are here to help you discover all the wonders of Iceland

Our Value Proposition

We believe that Iceland offers endless encounters that create invaluable and unforgettable memories that will truly enrich any traveler. From a choice of classic excursions to the “must see” highlights of Iceland, we also invite you to share our unique and original tours and travel information that uncovers the hidden “jewels” of Iceland.

Our services

We provide tailor-made travel services in Iceland to travelers planning a visit. When it comes to Iceland, we can provide guidance in a wide range of travel fields. Our main objectives are providing unique tours to our clients and thus fulfilling our clients’ expectations. We are flexible, knowledgeable and at your service at all times.

The love of Iceland

Our staff at Classic Iceland have shared experiences and travel interests over the years, fostering their dream of sharing their unique finds and experiences with other travelers. And now we want to share these cherished experiences with you in a small and personal fashion, introducing you to the sights and sounds of Iceland.