Myvatn, north-east Iceland

GPS POINTS 65.6039° N, 16.9961° W

Myvatn, north-east Iceland

Location: North-east Iceland
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Mývatn offers a unique natural environment and exceptional routes and walkways that will lead you to areas and open spaces you hardly ever will forget. The landscape itself was formed by volcanic eruptions giving the whole area an “out of space” feeling to it. Birdlife by the lake is abundant and you will get the chance to examine all the unique natural phenomena that characterizes the area, once you are actively exploring Lake Myvatn and its surroundings. Mývatn is the fourth largest lake in Iceland, 37 km2 in area. Its shores are indented with many coves and inlets and its surface is dotted with around 50 small islets and skerries.

Myvatn Nature Bath is located just east of Reykjahlid village, where travelers can enjoy a relaxing dip in the warm natural water.

At Reykjahlid village, travelers can access services such as a supermarket, gas station and information centers for the Great Myvatn area.