Hvítserkur, north-west Iceland

GPS POINTS N65° 36′ 25.656″ W20° 37′ 32.617″

Hvítserkur, north-west Iceland

Location: North-west Iceland
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Hvítserkur is a unique rock about 15 meters high that stands on the shoreline at Sigríðarstaðaós on the east side of Vatnsnes. It is about a 30 km drive from the main road north along Vesturhóp to Hvítserk and a trip worth a visit. Near Hvítserk in the mouth of Sigríðarstaðavatn is one of the best seal-watching places in the country. There are hundreds of seals lying on the sand, walking on the sand, or swimming in the sea every day.

There is a legend about Hvítserk that in ancient times he was a troll who lived north of Strandir and wanted to break down the church bells of Þingeyraklausturskirkja. In the old folklore, trolls were terrified of Chrisitanity. But unfortunately, the path was more difficult than he had expected, and when the sun rose in the morning, he had not been able to complete his mission, and he turned to stone when he saw the first rays of the sun.

The best way to get to Hvítserkur is by car or by bus, as part of an organized day tour.

There is a Good seal spotting place at the estuary of the Sigridarstadir lake, south from the stack. East of Hvítserkur is the town of Blönudós and further east is the Skagafjörður area, with its charming towns and villages.