Hraunfossar lava falls and Barnafoss Waterfall, west Iceland

GPS POINTS N64° 42′ 10.076″ W20° 58′ 39.780″

Hraunfossar lava falls and Barnafoss, west Iceland

Location: West Iceland
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If you are looking for a unique waterfall to visit in Iceland, then you should check out Hraunfossar. This waterfall is made up of a series of rivulets that flow over a distance of about 900 meters from under the Hallmundarhraun lava field. What makes Hraunfossar so special is the fact that the water seeps out of the lava, giving it a unique appearance. Hraunfossar lava falls and the nearby area have been protected since 1987.

But Hraunfossar is not the only waterfall worth visiting in the area. Just a short distance away is Barnafoss, another spectacular waterfall. Barnafoss gets its name from the legend that says two boys once drowned while trying to cross the river. The legend states that, the parents who were off to church for a Christmas Mass, came home to an empty house. They then discovered tracks that they followed. The tracks, however, ended on stone bridge crossing the river. The mother concluded that the children must have fallen into the river and drowned. Soon after, the mother destroyed the arch in order to ensure no one else faced a similar fate. Today, there is a bridge that spans the river, making it safe for visitors to cross.

If you’re interested in seeing these amazing waterfalls for yourself, then be sure to add them to your Iceland itinerary. They are both easily accessible and make for a great day trip from Reykjavik. Just make sure to bring your camera, as you’ll want to capture the beauty of these natural wonders. and

Getting to Hraunfossar lava falls and Barnafoss Waterfall is pretty simple. Just follow route one from Reykjavik and head to Borgarnes. Just before you arrive at Borgarnes (without crossing the bridge), make a right turn to Borgarfjordur fjord. Follow that road all the way through until you see a sign for Hraunfossar lava falls. The journey is about 1 hour and 40 minutes drive, or 126km.