So, you’re all set for your upcoming trip to Iceland. You already packed your bags, including your winter jacket since, let’s face it, the weather in Iceland can be somewhat unpredictable. Make sure you have your passport and wallet and don’t forget your smartphone, you want to make sure all your friends get crazy jealous when you start posting those amazing photos on social media.

And you’re all set!

Well, almost….

You still need to learn few Icelandic phrases if you are to impress the locals. No need to get nervous though, most Icelanders are “fluent” in English, so to speak, and you will do just fine speaking English, but knowing few Icelandic words will still earn you few solid points with the locals.

Below are common phrases you might want to consider learning:

Thank you  = Takk

Hello = Halló

Good day = Góðan daginn

Good bye = Bless

My name is = Ég heiti

Where’s the toilet? = Hvar er klósettið?

Welcome = Velkomin

Pleased to meet you = Gaman að kynnast þér

Have a nice day = Eigðu góðan dag

Do you speak English = Talar þú ensku

Excuse me = Afsakið

Help! = Hjálp!

Happy birthday = Til hamingju með daginn

I love you = Ég elska þig


So how did it go? Feeling confident about yourself? – Then Try this one:

Eyjafjallajokull glacier (the one that erupted in 2011) = Eyjafjallajökull

Good luck! ? = Gangi þér vel.